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An age-old skill, knitting provides us with some of our most treasured warm clothes. Learning the art of knitting can not only help to provide warmth, but can lead to explorations of local history, local agriculture, and complex math – and families can even engage in service-based learning by donating hand-knitted goods to help support people in need!

“The greatest fertilizer is the farmers footprint” captures the essence of Jim’s column on garden chores this month in “The Garden Plot.” By now you’ve either beaten the planting deadline or have not. If you have….Congratulations!!! Now the real work starts. The core necessity is not any high-minded science but merely to pay attention to your garden. Notice how it grows, where are the weed hot-spots, how is the hydration, and a few more things.

Give your kids tasks and get them involved in the family garden, exercising their own skills of observations and taking pride in their chores. In a family garden there is visible pay-off, which boosts a child’s confidence and sense of being able to influence change and growth. Learn together and share the experience… and at the end of the day, fresh veggies for your family dinner!

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