Hilltown Families


Building a gingerbread house is a fantastic way to include creative folks of all ages in creating a delicious, well-engineered work of art, along with skills in architectural design, engineering, communication, and collaboration.

In addition to all of the opportunities for learning and potential to exercise creativity that gingerbread house creation offers, upcoming community events also offer participants the opportunity to collaborate and to support important community organizations. While some events simply provide space, materials, and an encouraging atmosphere, others bring teams together to participate in gingerbread building so as to support an important local cause, including Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity’s Gingerbread Build!

Wherever your interest in gingerbread building may come from, participating in an upcoming community event is sure to provide fun, learning, and a delicious outlet for creativity!

With every holiday comes food. The edible elements of celebrations are essential, and speak volumes about the people celebrating and the historic roots of the celebration. During the upcoming holiday season, families can combine creativity and studies of the history of food by participating in gingerbread-decorating events! Providing an opportunity to partake in creative free play, such events combine food, celebration, and exciting hands-on learning.

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