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Eco-Friendly Holiday’s (Web Reviews) Hanukkah: Let There Be (Renewable) Light: A New Look at Hanukkah This site considers “the connection between Hanukkah [Festival of Lights], energy use, and the environment,” and provides “holiday tips and resources for families, schools, and congregations to infuse Hanukkah celebrations with additional meaning,” and “tips for what you can do save energy in your congregation/school and at home.” Includes a “CFL installation ceremony,” an essay about the… Read More

Eco-Friendly Kwanzaa Craft ideas for making your own Kwanzaa celebration supplies. Includes instructions for making a Kwanzaa candle holder and mat. Also describes how to create other Kwanzaa symbols. From Care2, an activist organization. [www.care2.com/greenliving/eco-friendly-kwanzaa.html] (c.LII.org) Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community and Culture “The Official Kwanzaa Web Site” focuses on the philosophy of Dr. Maulana Karenga, the African-American professor who created the holiday in 1966. It describes in detail the African… Read More

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