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QUESTION AND ANSWERS Is there a documentary that you think every parent should see? Marissa Potter recommends, “The Business of Being Born, just for starters.” [Trailer] Audrey Jean Bromberg Hyvonen recommends, “Consuming Kids was quite an eye opener for this mom.” [Trailer] Kerrie McNay recommends, “Mythic Journeys– it truly speaks to the soul and is an inspiring look at myth in our daily lives. Rites of passage, stories of family, ancestors, riddles,… Read More

Race To Nowhere is a groundbreaking documentary film that examines education, childhood and the unintended consequences of the achievement-obsessed way of life that permeates American education and culture. Unrelenting pressure, whether from well-intentioned parents, teachers, national leaders or from children themselves, is creating a generation suffering from unprecedented levels of stress, depression and burnout. TAKE ACTION Race to Nowhere invites you to add your voice to a growing movement of educators, parents,… Read More

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