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Explore and learn about your local woods while building forest fairy houses.

Here’s a simple project to do in the kitchen with your kids… get creative in the kitchen while adding a little spice to your holiday traditions!

End of the School Year Gratitude & Appreciation End of the school year is fast approaching and many families are looking for creative ways to express their gratitude of the teachers and administrators that educate and support their children throughout the school year! Gift ideas can range from making something from scratch in your kitchen, to pairing up store bought sweets for a fun association that expresses your appreciation, to a summer… Read More

DIY Pictorial: Yarn Wrapped Tin Can Planters By Amber Ladley When Hilltown Families asked Knack: The Art of Clever Reuse to come up with a creative (and decorative) way to help families plant Paperwhite bulbs donated by Hadley Garden Center at the first ever Hilltown Families’ Family Community Service Night, we put our clever minds to work. Our goal was to have an activity that was easy enough for people of all… Read More

Little Homes for Little Folks By Alethea Morrison of North Adams, MA As a child, I would try to make gnome houses out of twigs and moss, always with rather disappointing results, but one of the best things about being a parent is getting to relive parts of your childhood with the skills of an adult. The opportunity to try my hand again at building a miniature house presented itself when our… Read More

The culinary experience of exploring food customs from around the world can bring families an integrated course of study on cultural traditions and arts! Check out our archived DIY post on how to make your own Mexican Sugar Skulls for the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead (El Diá de los Muertos), and make it into a social activity with friends and families too…

Eco-Savvy Basket for Spring Celebrate Green by making an easy Easter basket that can become an heirloom This basket is simple to make and as cute as they come. Children as young as three can help and most six or seven-year-olds can make it themselves. Find out how at Celebrate Green.

Make your own Halloween Paper-Maché Piñata! Check out this DIY post from our archives from a two day workshop in the studio with guest artist, Kara Kitchen…

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