Hilltown Families


The first of its kind locally, the Sprout Film Festival features films about people with developmental or intellectual disabilities. Scheduled for Sunday, February 28th, the event brings attention to meaningful human experiences and cultivates a local culture of understanding and inclusiveness.

No matter what age we are, humans spend lots of our time making observations and learning from them. We learn about each other in this way, too – but sometimes observation isn’t the best tool for learning about other humans. Drawing from information offered in a wealth of varied resources, families can read, listen, and watch to explore the experiences of people with many different cognitive and physical disabilities – introducing children to the idea that all humans experience the world differently.

The past helps to explain the present, and by examining history from multiple perspectives, much can be learned about the struggle for equal rights. Using radio series Beyond Affliction and resources from the Disability History Museum, families can consider history from the perspective of people with disabilities.

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