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Spring Diaper Drive in Franklin County to Support Community! Host a Diaper Drive this spring in your place of work, faith community, neighborhood, school, civic organization, or any group you belong to. It is easy and a positive way to support families and a great way to incorporate service-based learning with your children. Find out more…

“Every day we are challenged to be authentic. Authentic to ourselves, to community, and to our loved ones through our speech or actions…” writes Angie this month in ‘Parenting Green.’ “Whether it’s walking or biking into town, hiking the mountains, gardening in the backyard, making medicine from plants, going to the farmer’s market, or participating in river clean-ups, we are aligning our our actions with our intentions and being our authentic selves… Share it boldly & create habits from the things that make your heart soar.”

QUESTION AND ANSWERS Are your kids still in diapers? What do they swim in? Carrie Snyder writes, “We use the Bummis Swimmis reusable diaper!” Diane Hinze Kanzler writes, “We used Imse Vimse Swim Diaper. Awesome.” Nancyjo Craig Rongner writes, “Yes, but 60% potty learned. I love the iPlay Swim Diapers. They hold up really well and are adorable. Also, there are suits out there with built in swim diapers. We have also… Read More

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