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The New Odd Girl Out: 5 Ways To Talk With Your Daughter About Technology As part of my series celebrating the newly revised and updated Odd Girl Out, I’m leading parents and girls through some of the twists and turns of girls’ social lives online. With stories of cyberbullying everywhere, parents’ anxiety increases with every headline. But parenting can’t only be about saying no and laying down the law, or operating from… Read More

Mom Embeds Self in Teen Daughter’s Life! (Read the Author Q&A) Are you currently on a wild roller coaster ride with that charming/ alarming pre-teen or teen in your midst?  If so, Lauren Kessler’s book, My Teenage Werewolf: A Mother, A Daughter, A Journey through the Thicket of Adolescence— just released in paperback — may save your sanity.  The award-winning author launches an 18-month mission, embedding herself in her own about-to-be teenage… Read More

Why Girls Need to Learn About CyberDRAMA, Not Just CyberBULLYING If it bleeds, it leads: it’s a popular saying in journalism that refers to our attraction to sensational, often violent headlines. As an anti-bullying educator, I have seen something similar: we tend to focus on the most extreme levels of bullying as a way to teach and build awareness. The problem is that most kids are not bullied in such dramatic ways…. Read More

QUESTION AND ANSWERS J.W. writes, “Has anyone yet dealt with their t(w)een aged daughters wanting to shave their legs? My 13yo daughter has recently asked if she could. At what age do you allow a responsible girl to shave her legs? And how do you address the self-image issues that surrounds this topic with them? Any advice from parents who have already gone through this ‘rites of passage’ with their daughters?” Jody… Read More

Q & A with Bestselling Author & Girl Shero Peggy Orenstein Do you have or know a young girl obsessed with princess culture? A girl who, despite your best efforts to raise her to be strong and independent, suddenly insists on growing up to be Snow White? Journalist and bestselling author Peggy Orenstein is back with Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the New Girlie Girl Culture, a whipsmart,… Read More

When the Truth Hurts: Helping Daughters Be Honest in a Good Girl World I had just started a fifth grade class when a student began waving her hand and doing that “Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!” thing that I used to do when I couldn’t contain myself.* “Okay,” she said, “what if, like, my friend asks me if I like the dress she was buying and I didn’t like it and I wanted to… Read More

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