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QUESTION AND ANSWERS At what age do you think dating would be appropriate for your child(ren)? Brianna Lamke writes, “35” Ilyza Sarah Earle writes, “LOL, what a question! I second that, 35.” Meg Lefkowitz writes, “Group dates at 14-15, depending in maturity of the kid. Single dates at 16-17, again depending on maturity.” William Cortis writes, “I agree with Meg. Maturity and responsibility play a huge role in the factor.” Kara Kitchen… Read More

Sex in the City Village I was in New York City on Wednesday! They have lots of well-dressed people there and lots of windows for you to look into while you’re walking so you can see if what you put on that morning looks like what you thought it was going to. It doesn’t look as cool as you thought it was going to in the first window you pass, but they… Read More

Girl Crazy! Take a close look at this torso. No. No. This is not the torso of some Harley Davidson road hog (although give it a few years….sigh.) This is not some code to conquer the latest video game. It isn’t even a cheat sheet for a multiple choice final. These are initials airbrush-tattooed to my 13 year olds core. Not just ANY initials mind you. These are the initials of the… Read More

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