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Listen to Podcast: Monster Dance Party Episode with Guest DJ, Shanti Wintergate & Greg Attonito Are you ready for a Monster Dance Party with guest DJ’s Shanti Wintergate & Greg Attonito from Play Date?  This silly & spooky episode of Hilltown Family Variety Show features a collection of monster-iffic tunes to get your monster toes tapping and creepy claws clapping.  Tune in, turn it up and get silly with the Monster Dance… Read More

On this episode of the Hilltown Family Variety Show, Hot Peas ‘n Butter front man and founder, Danny Lapidus tackles the difficult topic of “Bullying” through songs that promote friendship, peace, and Anti-Bullying messages.

Common Sense Media Cyberbullying Toolkit for Educators Common Sense Media has developed a Cyberbullying Toolkit for educators!  The curriculum is adaptable for all ages, elementary through high school, and can be used in any educational context to teach kids about identifying and standing up against cyberbullying.  Teaching kids how about this topic helps to foster positive learning environments and healthy social interactions.  Their website also offers resources specifically for kids and teens,… Read More

Why Girls Need to Learn About CyberDRAMA, Not Just CyberBULLYING If it bleeds, it leads: it’s a popular saying in journalism that refers to our attraction to sensational, often violent headlines. As an anti-bullying educator, I have seen something similar: we tend to focus on the most extreme levels of bullying as a way to teach and build awareness. The problem is that most kids are not bullied in such dramatic ways…. Read More

Southern Hilltown Domestic Violence Task Force writes: Bullying is different than it used to be. It still happens between classmates and within dating relationships like it always has. But cell phones and the internet have changed the landscape. Twenty years ago if you were bullied you knew who was bullying you and could usually get away from the bullying after school. Today, cyberbullying (bullying through the use of technology) can happen 24/7…. Read More

Massachusetts Senate Passes Safe School Package State Senator Benjamin B. Downing (D- Pittsfield) announces action by the Massachusetts Senate today advancing measures that ban bullying and update nutritional standards in schools with a pair of bills aimed at promoting a safe, healthy and productive learning environment for all students. The Senate’s anti-bullying legislation prohibits physical, verbal and written acts that threaten or cause harm to another student, including Internet “cyber-bullying,” while a… Read More

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