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Benefits of Boredom There is great value to letting our kids be bored! Read more in our post about boredom. But can boredom benefit adults too? You betcha! Find out about the benefits of being bored: Boredom leads to great imagination! We have a couple of columns that have great ideas for generating both facilitated and self-directed play. Check out these posts: What to Play? Play Ideas for Family & Community  Let… Read More

Does your family love to make and share art? Join ATCs for All in order to be part of an online community of artists, the purpose of which is to inspire creativity, and to collect and share artwork! Families can learn about the many different forms that art can take, while experimenting with new materials and connecting with other creative folks!

Art with the under three crowd is messy and scattered. When we introduce art to children in this group it is important to have age appropriate expectations and to be prepared…

The Power of One: Art Smarts BY HF Contributing Writer, Dana Pilson There are few things more wonderful than a child’s creativity. Daisy recently crafted this family portrait from a kit of felt pieces that includes many more children and babies, cats and dogs. Usually her scenes are complicated affairs, large families with scads of children lined up in rows. I love the sparse, crisp quality of this little trio. I find… Read More