Hilltown Families


Calling all Amherst-based poets! Original poems can be submitted to this month’s Eyes Are the Window poetry contest, created to select poems for a public art display in Boltwood Walk.

Engage in creative free play during school vacation week by visiting the Berkshire Museum for 10 Days of play, an annual celebration that honors the importance of play in the everyday lives of folks of all ages. Featuring special activities and the limitless creative possibilities offered by current exhibit If/Then, 10 Days of Play provides an excellent opportunity for families to draw inspiration from unique surroundings!

How about that “thinking outside the box” concept. It can be an irritating buzzing fly of a term when you are not in an environment to truly stimulate invention, innovation and creativity. Enter: Spark!Lab that drives kids to jump right out of that box and mine the “ideas” part of their creativity, in an environment that demands innovative application. It’s a hands-on learning opportunity that’s fun and innovating! There are only three in the country so far- and one is coming to the Berkshire Museum in Pittfield. Lucky us!