Hilltown Families


Post-Hurricane Irene Report So I went down to Shelburne Falls to see all the looters. Big shopping baskets full of well-made crafts being pushed up the hills, disappearing into random houses – but there weren’t any. And I thought, “BOY, these people DO NOT know ANYTHING about hurricanes!” The only person I saw get in trouble was a guy who walked across the iron bridge when it was blocked off. The cop… Read More

Hurricane Irene Report Update You know how much I love going overboard, well, you know this Cajun music festival we’re having on Thursday, September 1st with Joel Savoy and David Greely? Well, I just wanted you to get the full effect of the whole Louisiana atmosphere in late August, so we’re bringing this hurricane up to flavor the experience! But I would also like to say that if a hurricane takes out… Read More

Why It’s Comforting to Live in the Country We have three people from Goshen, MA who come to Elmer’s every Sunday for breakfast. They are a family: a brother (Dana), a sister and the brother’s wife. There used to be another brother, but he died recently and we miss him. He always ordered hot chocolate with two and a half inches of whipped cream on top. While I always hate it when… Read More

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