Hilltown Families


Why a Co-op in Cummington? In the first few months of working as the Outreach Coordinator of the Old Creamery Co-op I’ve been asked many times, “Why a Co-op?  Why not just keep the Old Creamery as a private business with new owners?”  Well, good questions!  And while we’re at it, “What is a Co-op?” There are many types and sizes of cooperative businesses and most are structured as for-profit businesses.  Whether… Read More

River Valley Market Food Co-op in Northampton, MA writes: Attention Teachers and Youth Program Leaders: Do you teach teenagers about economics, business, or social movements? Would you like to include cooperatives in your curriculum? We can help! We invite you to checkout the new website for youth oriented cooperative education: http://www.coopsrock.coop. We welcome school tours in our co-op! Contact us: info@rivervalleymarket.coop for information about how we can support your efforts in youth… Read More

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