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We’re all fighting the same battle: the clock. So much to get done. Always. Even kids are facing it through things such as a challenging curriculum at kindergarten level, which chews up play-time. If we’re not pushing, pushing, pushing, we’re not achieving. What has suffered has been the ability to listen because, as you’ve guessed it, it takes time. But listening allows us to give ourselves over and relieve stress a little and work smarter. Kathy really outlines the power of listening this month in “Time to Talk,” which you will really enjoy reading. Because we’re all in the same boat, right?

Conversations with kids can be a mazy roller coaster of a ride. Sometimes the lack of perspective taking can turn the conversation very one-sided and block any real chance of a meaningful connection being made. This month in “time to Talk: Supporting Children’s Language Skills,” Kathy shares her approach to organized thinking… something we can all perhaps plug into!

Sex, drugs, death… The BIG conversations with your growing children can be a daunting prospect. Climate Change has become a subject to add to this list, carefully addressed and broken down. There are subtle ways to open up constructive dialog to build fulfilling and enriching critical conversation. This month in “Parenting Green: Earth Friendly Ideas for Raising a Family,” Angie shares her strategies for breaking down the topic and finding small opportunities to address climate change with her kids.

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