Hilltown Families


20 Little Christmas Angels from Newtown, CT Were Welcomed into Heaven Tragedy happens all around us, but when it involves innocent children there are few words that can express the pain any caring person feels. This week, a shooter took the lives of 20 innocent school children including several teachers and staff members at a small town school in Connecticut. That means Heaven accepted 20 new little angels this morning. If your… Read More

Candlelight vigils are being held in several towns around Western MA tonight, including Amherst, Agawam, and Cummington. Our hearts go out to the families and community in Newtown, CT. Following Friday’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, parents might find themselves in need to gather, grieve and support one another and the families in CT. Share or find both online and local support shared by Hilltown Families readers via the Hilltown Families… Read More

New England’s Finest Products, Traditions and Fare on the Big E’s Avenue of States The Avenue of States provides fairgoers the opportunity to tour New England all without leaving The Big E. A visit to the Fair just isn’t complete without taking a stroll through the unique offerings and traditions of each New England State. From native foods to products and crafts, each state provides a plethora of delights for residents of… Read More

I Love Trash! Late autumn here in New England and the light is leaving us. The sun is down almost as soon as we have eaten our after school snack. Everyone in my house becomes slightly grumpy as the light fades and we spend less time outdoors. The boys know their screen time allowance goes up and I fight my own lack of energy to keep us out, about and moving. We… Read More

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