Hilltown Families


The Pioneer Valley has a long and rich history, and clues to life in the past are everywhere – as long as we know where to look! Using online resources from the Memorial Hall Museum and the Museum of our Industrial Heritage, families can take a virtual tour of the once-bustling neighborhood of Cheapside port – now just a street in southeastern Greenfield.

Greenfield’s Lost Museum: Dexter Marsh and the Dinosaur Tracks Many local people know that Dexter Marsh (1806-1853), quarrier — stonemason, janitor, handyman, and jack-of-all-trades in 19th-century Greenfield, MA — was among the first to discover dinosaur footprints, but how many know that he opened one of the first dinosaur museums in the country? In 1835, when he first saw the prints, he thought they had been left by very large birds —… Read More

Highland Communities Initiative’s 5th Conference Celebrates People’s Place in Protecting Our Region’s Rural Nature On September 12th in Ashfield, MA, friends and neighbors from across the region are invited to the Highland Communities Initiative’s (HCI) fifth biennial conference to celebrate the Highland’s rural nature and to share ideas from area residents that may hold the keys to its future. A program of The Trustees of Reservations, HCI supports and connects the people… Read More

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