Hilltown Families


It’s hard to believe it is almost here: June 21st, the longest day, the shortest night. Summer Solstice. That in itself means there is a lot to celebrate and enjoy. It’s a great opportunity also to connect to nature and to educate your child on this seasonal phenomenon. The wealth of history and science that rows behind Summer Solstice is fascinating, and the tone is always about celebrating nature at its most abundant. There are events in the area to mark the longest day, and also resources you can access to generate dialog with your family!

True resiliency depends on communities rather than individuals, and Taproot Commons’ new folk school style courses promote just that! Tapping into the skills and expertise of the community, the courses teach a wide range of skills for more self-reliant living.

Western MA has always had a great attitude towards the preservation of history and amplifying the many events and stories of the state’s rich historical past. Historical societies and museums are terrific community-based educational resources families can access to support a better understanding of where we live and strengthening a sense of place in our children and ourselves. During the warmer months the public has access to many of these resources when otherwise are closed during the colder months.

The many great institutions across the western part of the state open their doors during this time of year to the best kind of community based learning, through meticulous preservation and innovative programming. Once you read on, you’ll see you can fill up your summer calendar easily with local history, and provide an enriching learning platform for you and your kids.

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