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How does winter stillness connect us to place? What activities and hobbies reoccur every year? What skills have been shared and passed down through the years because of New England winters? How does the stillness of winter impact our emotional well-being and interconnections. Can the art of letter writing keep pace with modern day letter writing? How can we practice this art in the winter months? These questions and their answers lead us toward the answer to the question, how does winter stillness connect us to place?

Facing the Screen Dilemma Separates Hype From What Children Really Need Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood: Smart boards. Smartphones. Tablets. E-books, apps and more. The rapid influx of new screen devices and software poses a special challenge for the early childhood community. A unique offering from Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), the Alliance for Childhood, and Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment (TRUCE) provides help and support for childhood educators grappling with… Read More

Common Sense Media Cyberbullying Toolkit for Educators Common Sense Media has developed a Cyberbullying Toolkit for educators!  The curriculum is adaptable for all ages, elementary through high school, and can be used in any educational context to teach kids about identifying and standing up against cyberbullying.  Teaching kids how about this topic helps to foster positive learning environments and healthy social interactions.  Their website also offers resources specifically for kids and teens,… Read More

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