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Media Literacy Book Club to Start at the Sunderland Public Library The New England Literacy Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT) and the Sunderland Public Library have partnered to create a new book club focusing on media literacy and gender based violence, facilitated by Charity O’Connor, Domestic Violence Intervention Project Advocate for NELCWIT. The book club will meet the last Monday of every month from 6 – 7 pm in the Lane… Read More

Thursday in national Poem in Your Pocket Day. We love what this community in Virginia organized that celebrates poetry, supported collaborations & volunteerism, and encouraged community engagement & literacy development. Check out this video and be inspired to share poetry in your community!

How to build sustainable summer plans? Having buy-in at the summer planning phase from your children leads to a smoother and more enriching experience for everyone. By letting your children into the decision-making process you empower them and give them part-ownership in family activities. This month in “Time to Talk: Supporting Children’s Language Skills,” Kathy encourages families to allow children to contribute to their summer plans so they feel invested in outings and trips. In return, you just might be rewarded with their engagement and sweeter summer memories!

“Midnight to Midnight” is a community photography blitz aimed to capture contemporary images of Northampton. This collaborative activity is a great educational opportunity for parents, families, and educators because it presents contemporary daily life and daily tasks as being significant (both now and to future generations), and can imbue participants with a sense of appreciation for, and pride of, the place the live, work and travel to.

This past Saturday at Atlas Farm in Deerfield, Hilltown Families collaborated with Whole Foods Market and brought families together in the fields for a day of community service, gleaning organic kale, collards, chard and broccoli leftover from a recent harvest to donate to the Food Bank of Western MA…

Pittsfield Resilience Circle Host a Repair Café Saturday, January 19th, 2013 Janet Henderson writes: What do you do with a broken toaster? Or with a bike that needs repair? Or with a pair of pants when a seam rips? Or a partially dysfunctional umbrella? Throw it away? Certainly not! The Pittsfield Resilience Circle is organizing the Berkshires’ first ever Repair Café. It will be held in Pittsfield on Saturday, Jan. 19 from… Read More

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