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Hilltown Families and Mass Appeal (a weekday, hour-long lifestyle program on NBC) have teamed up to offer a live monthly segment on WWLP 22News! Each month, community-based education specialist and Hilltown Families’ Founder, Sienna Wildfield, joins Mass Appeal hosts to talk about ways to engage in your community while supporting the interests and education of your children (and yourselves!).

This monthly segment continued on Monday, November 26th with Sienna and Danny talking about explore the changing seasons through the lens of evergreens

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Is your Christmas tree still standing? For some of us, “O Tannenbaum” would be left standing through St. Valentine’s Day if we could get away with it! St. Knut’s Day is coming up, a day where traditionally in Sweden the edible ornaments of the Christmas tree were looted by the kids as the tree was removed from the home. Join in the custom of St. Knut’s Day, and maybe even create a new family tradition to dovetail with taking down the evergreen in your living room: http://wp.me/p2aDO-a71

A Charlie Brown Christmas at the McIlquhams Three little figures resembling the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man’s offspring weave in and out of the maze of spruce, firs and pines in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Immune to cold fingers and dripping noses, the threesome separates and soon their voices, muffled by the wind, are heard shouting through the dense man-made forest, staking claim on a tree. As their parents who have been… Read More

TIME TO LOOT THE TREE! by Sienna Wildfield St. Knut’s Day is fast approaching (Tuesday), which means it’s time to let the kids loot the Christmas Tree! Traditionally in Sweden, Christmas Trees might have been decorated with edible decorations, including gingerbread ornaments, candy canes, crackers and sweets. On St. Knut’s Day (the 13th day of January), kids were allowed to loot the tree and munch on all the edible (albeit stale) ornaments…. Read More

Growing up I had longed for a real Christmas tree… that smell of pine and fallen needles dusting the packages underneath. Between my childhood and my daughter’s, I forewent putting up a tree, artificial or real. Largely because I was living out of a backpack or in a tiny apartment, but I still longed for that real tree experience. So on our daughter’s first Christmas, we put HER in the backpack and went out on Christmas Eve and cut down our first ever REAL CHRISTMAS TREE!

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