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Be Mine: Chocolate and Valentines The Roots of Valentine’s Day Traditions Old Sturbridge Village: Feb. 9th & 10th [02/08/13 UPDATE: OSV will be closed Sat., Feb. 9th and opened Sun. Feb. 10th] The tradition of having chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a longstanding one – it has been around since the early days of New England, even!  Today’s Valentine’s traditions tend not to involve a lot of homemade chocolate or laborious preparations,… Read More

MICROWAVE CHOCOLATE by Robert Krampf Combine science and chocolate to learn about how microwave ovens work. This week’s experiment turned into a two parter.  It started out as one experiment, but it just kept getting longer and longer.  Over the years I have learned that people are much less likely to read a long experiment (much less try it), so I chopped it in half. Part of the reason it got so… Read More

Be Mine: Chocolate & Valentines Non-Commercial Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day February 11th & 12th at Old Sturbridge Village Even when you’re immersed in the 19th century at Old Sturbridge Village, Valentine’s Day is still about sharing cards and eating chocolate.  OSV’s “Be Mine: Chocolate and Valentines” takes place from 9:30am to 4pm this coming weekend, February 11th and 12th.  Visitors to the village will learn about the history of chocolate in… Read More

Night of Love and Chocolate! GRANDPARENTS AS FACEBOOK FRIENDS I just got friended by my dad on Facebook. Me, I got nothing to hide that I would show on Facebook anyway, but then I thought about the nieces who may. I know that one of my nieces told me not to judge her when I friended her, and so I don’t; the stuff she’s doing is way less dangerous than what I… Read More

Is There Child Slave Labor In Your Child’s Halloween Candy? Good news for parents this Halloween: It’s easier than ever to avoid buying chocolate from Hershey, the largest U.S. chocolate company. Hershey fails to ensure that child labor is not part of its chocolate. Two major reports this September called out Hershey’s failure and the prevalence of egregious child labor, forced labor and trafficking abuses in the cocoa sector in Côte d’Ivoire… Read More

Bring the Family to the Historic Deerfield Museum 7th Annual American Heritage Chocolate Celebration February 13th, 2010 Looking to satisfy both the history buff and the sweet tooth in you? There is no better way than to enjoy a fun-filled day with sweet chocolate aromas, captivating lectures, and most important-chocolate treats! The seventh annual American Heritage Chocolate Celebration at Historic Deerfield on February 13, 2010, is an exploration of everything chocolate including… Read More

Notes from Nan: Admonition of the Week in Which You Learn a Whole Lot About the Restaurant Business BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati – So, there it was: Sunday morning at 8:00 on the second morning of the Crafts Festival that we were producing. Sundays are always busy and this one portended to be busier than usual. It had snowed, and an unknown person from New Jersey had parked overnight in… Read More

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