Hilltown Families


The Right Call “I need a cell phone for my 6-year-old.” The words sounded as absurd as I feared they would as I stood defiantly in front of the Verizon guy at BJs in Pittsfield. After all, what kind of crazy mom buys a cell phone for a first-grader? The Verizon guy, though, barely blinked. “What do you need?” he asked in a casual tone that made me wonder if he has… Read More

Discussion: Cellphone Use Over at Common Sense Media (great resource!), the Editor-in-Chief asks “What’s the Right Age” for your child to have a cell phone?  What do you folks think?  Many homes in the hilltowns don’t get cell phone reception, so for now it might not be something that is even feasible.  But what about families with older kids that travel about and need to be in touch with one another?  How… Read More

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