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“I have long thought the idea of a cure for diabetes is not going to happen because pharmaceutical companies are making an obscene amount of money off of diabetics,” writes Rebecca Dravis this month in her column, “Just My Type: Raising a Child with Type One Diabetes.” This month Rebecca takes a look at a recent rabble-rousing and what really is important when it comes to educating people about diabetes…

This month in “Just My Type,” Rebecca supports two young girls as they face type 1 diabetes every minute of every hour of every day of their lives.

This month in “Just My Type: Raising a Child with Type One Diabetes,” Rebecca talks about her transition from a working professional to a stay at home mom (SAHM) so she can take better care of her daughter. Diagnosed with type one diabetes three years ago, Rebecca would choose to work 100 hours a week doing manual labor if it meant she had a healthy child at home… but for now she’s made the decision to care for her daughter… and in doing so, care for herself!

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