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The water is warmer and the ponds, lakes, and rivers are often swelling with water from summer thunderstorms. Whether it’s in a kayak or a canoe, paddling on the open water offers a unique perspective to witness wildlife, get exercise, and recreate outdoors.

This month in “Parenting Green,” Angie Gregory finds herself floating in the middle of a saltwater river where the current took her to an all new understanding of the saying ‘go with the flow.’ She asks our readers to explore with wonder as you step through nature with your family and begin to embody these nature-based sayings through your own experience. Have one that immediately comes to mind? Read on and post in the comments…

Canoeing, Fishing & Father’s Day CANOEING This past week the Hilltown Families Outdoor Adventure Spring Program concluded two weeks of canoeing. Under warm sunny skies, families learned about safety on the water and different paddling strokes. We then took to the water and practiced J-strokes and sweep-strokes as we paddled around exploring the edges of the lake and learning a little history of the area. Here are a few links to canoeing… Read More

Registration Form HILLTOWN FAMILIES presents Outdoor Adventures for Kids in the Hilltowns Spring 08 Afternoon Program A nine week Monday afternoon (4pm-5pm) adventure program for kids ages 5-7 at the TMO Base Camp in Chesterfield, MA, starting April 7th and ending June 16th, 2008. Led by Program Coordinator, Timothy Vogel of Tekoa Mountain Outdoors. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Through age appropriate activities, young kids will explore their surrounding environment on foot and in a… Read More

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