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Halloween candy can be donated or repurposed for educational and scientific value by donating to members of the military deployed overseas to candy science experiments…

Is There Child Slave Labor In Your Child’s Halloween Candy? Good news for parents this Halloween: It’s easier than ever to avoid buying chocolate from Hershey, the largest U.S. chocolate company. Hershey fails to ensure that child labor is not part of its chocolate. Two major reports this September called out Hershey’s failure and the prevalence of egregious child labor, forced labor and trafficking abuses in the cocoa sector in Côte d’Ivoire… Read More

Organic Treats, No Tricks This Halloween, offer organic treats to the gremlins and goblins, princesses and super heroes who come knocking at your door. These certified organic products won’t turn the world into a ghoulie graveyard or your pocketbook into a ghost town. Most are available now at the natural foods supermarket or are easily ordered (or sourced) on line. And not to worry, mom — all are securely wrapped. SEE RESOURCE… Read More

Orange, Black and Green for Halloween Nothing kills a parent’s festive Halloween mood like realizing what a nutritional nightmare this holiday can be. After the fun of dressing up and trick-or-treating are over, kids are left with a pile of artificially sweetened candy that wreaks havoc on their health. High fructose corn syrup, Halloween’s most pervasive ghoul, is a leading contributor to childhood obesity and is frequently made from genetically modified corn… Read More

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