Hilltown Families


To This Day by Shane Koyczan “My experiences with violence in schools still echo throughout my life, but standing to face the problem has helped me in immeasurable ways,” writes Shane Koyczan.  “I wrote To This Day, a spoken word poem, to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.” Collaborating with animators and motion artists, Shane’s spoken word was paired with 20 second visual segments… Read More

“Bully” — Heartbreaking Look at Kids Under Daily Attack at School By Mark R. Gould ‘The documentary “Bully” is opening in theaters throughout the country. If you have seen any of the clips from the film, you will know that it is a heartbreaking look at the lives of students who are harassed and attacked on a daily basis at school. The youngsters in the documentary attend schools in Georgia, Iowa, Texas,… Read More

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