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We’re Wild for Wildlife! Kids love animals—real ones, stuffed ones, it doesn’t matter. My son, Ivan, has two animal favorites right now: the Discovery Kids Smart Animals Scanopedia (he loves the sound of the turkey gobbling) and Birdie’s CD The Wild World of Wildlife. Oh, and his kitten, Murray, of course! Birdie’s CD is a fun collection of songs all about animals, from reptiles to mammals, fish to birds. Most of the songs will teach… Read More

New Music from Brian Vogan & Keller Williams Brian Vogan: Sing a Little Song As much as I like to think of myself as being totally plugged in to the kids’ music scene, lately I’ve been stumbling upon artists that I really should have already been listening to, but I’m only now discovering. That’s OK! I don’t need to be hip—I’m just on a quest for really good family music. I found… Read More

Lesson Songs Jeremy Plays Guitar just came out with his new album, Use Your Words, full of songs that teach kids lessons (like how you should use your words rather than whine). It made me think of other fun lesson songs that teach kids about manners, hygiene, or eating healthy in entertaining ways… My favorite song on Use Your Words is House Rules, a song that tells us what “we should and… Read More

Frances England: Mind of My Own You know when you hear an artist for the first time and they just grab you? That’s what happened for me when I heard Frances England’s new CD Mind of My Own. On the one hand I was upset with myself for never having listened to Frances before, but on the other hand I was excited that she has two other CDs! I immediately ordered Fascinating… Read More

There’s a lot of great new kids music on the scene these days, and a lot of great releases from years past too! Here in this post to “Must-Hear Music Monday,” Amber shared two of her favorite CDs from a few years ago, “The New Explorers Club” by the FLANNERY BROTHERS & “This is Fun” by CASPAR BABYPANTS…

LISTEN TO PODCAST Amber’s 2010 Spring Picks Playlist by Amber Bodnar of Boston Children’s Music Amber has put together a list of her and her son’s top 12 songs from this past spring of musicians who perform in MA, chiefly in the Boston area, with many who have performed here in Western MA too. Visit both Amber’s site, Boston Children’s Music (Eastern MA) and check here on Hilltown Families (Western MA) for… Read More

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