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Creating an environment for children that supports a positive body image can be incredibly challenging. So many external factors push back on a child feeling good about how they appear. We all know the media pressures that impact young girls (and boys!).

In this Hindsight Parenting installment, Logan gives a personal and insightful look at how a parents modeling their own behavior will have a positive impact on creating an environment where a young child does not feel bad or pressured about how they look. There begins the development of self confidence, for both child AND parent!

The ultimate in ‘life is a marathon, not a sprint’ echoes throughout Logan’s column this week. Most of us have experienced the school factions, and the ‘cool’ kids. With Facebook, we even check out the former ‘cool’ kids from our old school days… many of them not that cool anymore! Being popular and being cool actually turns out to be a burdensome bubble that has the potential to curb development and inhibits personal growth.

This is a fascinatingly eye-opening column from Hindsight Parenting looking at how society sucks us into instant gratification rather than playing the long game. How do you deal with raising, what you suddenly realize is, your own ‘cool’ kid? Well, for starters: they need to know that appearance isn’t everything…

Big bubbies. Small bubbies. Bubbies of all shapes and sizes. This week in “Hindsight Parenting,” Logan shares her experiences and challenges with teaching her daughter about body image and accepting and loving our bodies just how they are… but first, she’s going on a spandex diet and letting her own curves all hang out!

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