Hilltown Families


Inspiration for Aspiring Woodworkers & Blacksmiths Blacksmithing has been around for many centuries, dating back to the Iron Age, and is the practice of forging metal for practical or decorative purposes. Along side carpentry, both artisan skills not only build furniture, but all sorts of artistic and functional works, including instruments. Thus, an interest in carpentry can intersect with music studies and art. Building your own furniture can also be part of… Read More

Blacksmiths Converge on Hancock Shaker Village for Age of Iron Weekend: An opportunity to get the whole family involved in the art of blacksmithing Blacksmiths from all over the northeast will converge on Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA for the Age of Iron Weekend on Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16, 2009. The two-¬≠day family event features demonstrations of blacksmithing and metal work. Forges and workshops will also be set… Read More

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