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Let your interests in ornithology, local habitat, conservation, and citizen science take flight this year by participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count!

Birding Beyond Your Backyard Anyone who wants to learn how to identify local birds by sight and sound will be interested in this new free program, “Birding Beyond Your Backyard,” organized by the Hoffmann Bird Club. After watching the antics of a pair of cardinals, a posse of bluejays or a twittering troop of finches, many people become backyard birders. First, there is the rush to the supermarket to buy a simple… Read More

Nature Watching by Robert Krampf I have been an avid bird watcher for many years. When I first got started, I spent most of my time bird spotting, trying to add more and more species to my life list. While it is fun to add a new species, there is much more to bird watching than just spotting them. To see what the bird spotters are missing, you will need: birdseed OK,… Read More

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