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The Surprising Social Impact of Bicycles and Local Learning Opportunities Did you know that before inventing the world’s first successful airplane, Orville and Wilbur Wright owned a bicycle shop? They repaired and rented out bicycles and eventually went on to build their own bicycles and invent small improvements to the machines. In addition to gaining practice in engineering skills, this business funded their aviation experiments. Simpler and less expensive than cars, bicycles… Read More

Bike Tours of Holyoke Mills & Canals and Mansions: June 1st & 8th The Wistariahurst Museum is holding two bicycle tours around the city of Holyoke, one exploring the city’s mills and canals, and the other exploring the mansions of the Fairfield Avenue Historic District.  Teens and their parents can spend quality time together while learning local history and developing a greater sense of place by becoming better acquainted with the history… Read More

Question and Answer Anyone have kids just learning to ride a bike, or transitioning out of training wheels? How are you teaching them to ride their bikes? Anyone have some great advise to lend to parents and kids learning to two-wheel it? Amanda Saklad suggests: “Ride on grass – falling is less painful.” Laura Hoffman suggests: “Yeah, it’s great to find a grassy small decline that they can coast down without pedaling,… Read More

Hands up if your family has spent any time bike riding this summer! Tune into the HFVS this weekend for our Bicycle Episode! Tune in to 103.3FM WXOJ (Valley Free Radio) out of Northampton, MA on Saturday from 9-10am or Sunday from 7-8am for an hour of commercial-free programming… or listen to the podcast any time here. Teaching your kids how to ride a bike this year? We gotcha covered too…

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