Hilltown Families


Tom Adams of Williamsburg, MA writes: Hi all, My son and I have been going to basketball in Williamsburg on Wednesday nights at 6pm for the past two weeks and there’s no one else there his age (age 6). There are some older kids but no one in 1st-3rd grade. This basketball program is great because there are basketball hoops that are lower and easier to shoot at, but obviously it would… Read More

Women’s March Madness! by Dads & Daughters 10 Tips for Dads & Daughters During the Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship March Madness gets underway March 22nd for women’s college basketball and March 20th for the men (and the start of the WNBA season isn’t far behind!). This is an exciting time for dads to watch or listen to the women’s game with their daughters and stepdaughters. Here are some tips for fathers and… Read More

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