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Turners Falls RiverCulture brings the local arts scene to the forefront, connecting the community to opportunities for community-based learning about arts and culture. Helping to promote connections between artists and community members, RiverCulture plays an important role in the community.

Participating in dance can be a powerful experience in a young person’s life, providing them with a creative outlet that engages not only their minds, but their active bodies, too. The Five College Dance Department Faculty Concert offers families to witness the true creative nature of dance – offering up six original perforamnces that are not only nontraditional, but evocative and beautiful as well.

“Rhythms of a Faithful Journey” is an framed exhibit showing at Elms College in Springfield from Feb 3 to 23, featuring African-American artist and author Robin Joyce Miller. The artist herself is a tremendous believer in the transformative power of the arts, and she pays homage to this and her African-American heritage in this exhibit of visual poetry, which is especially appropriate for Black History Month. Read on for a description of the exhibit and some insights offered by the artist.

Famed artist Henri Matisse had particular style when it came to the line-work of his drawings. Amazingly you can actually go and see for yourself as Mount Holyoke College Art Museum in South Hadley has landed the work of one of the all-time greats! This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone really, as Matisse has that amazing allure. Arts student will no doubt swoon at the opportunity, and so they should as Matisse was not only a genius but also an artistic trailblazer. A fantastic chance for young kids to be exposed to the original work of a bona fide artistic giant right here in the Pioneer Valley.

Springfield Museums explore Modern American Masterworks from O’Keefe to Rockwell and how artists in the 20th century depicted the emergence of individuality in America along with the challenge to existing social patterns in a new exhibit, “American Moderns, 1910-1960: From O’Keeffe to Rockwell.”

Use the exhibit as a opportunity to examine the work of many great artists, but also to explore ideas and images that represents periods in time and culture. When visiting this exhibit with your family, see if you can identify symbols of American tradition that are present in the works in this exhibition. Then stop and think what symbols might you use to express changes you’ve seen in your lifetime.

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