Hilltown Families


Arts on Elm brings an art walk to Westfield, and with it comes a fantastic showcase of the arts! Featuring over 25 local artists’ work in gallery shows, displays, and even demonstrations, the event serves as a means of engaging families with the arts and the city’s downtown district!

An important element within the city of Holyoke, Gateway City Arts connects artists, artisans, and creators of all kinds with the community through classes, community conversations, markets, and other exciting events. Providing both work space and performance space, Gateway City Arts is a place both for creating and for sharing.

Shining this month’s spotlight on the Berkshires, we celebrate Pittsfield’s 3rd Thursdays, and arts-based community event series that promotes community engagement with the arts, with each other, and the city itself.

Excerpt: Easthampton City Arts, a local organization, works to connect families to local community-based cultural learning opportunities. Combining the promotion of resources and events with community-building opportunities, Easthampton City Arts helps to make arts-based learning accessible to all.

Community support is essential for the undertaking of installation art, and it’s fantastic to see this happening in Florence via the Florence Night Out and the Mobile Art Boxes. Now the most innovative of artists can use a DIY Mobile Box to contain a multimedia installation by a local artist. The obvious side benefits of this builds an art community stronger and connects to our community. Read on to find out about the many events happening to support this wonderful initiative!

Famed artist Henri Matisse had particular style when it came to the line-work of his drawings. Amazingly you can actually go and see for yourself as Mount Holyoke College Art Museum in South Hadley has landed the work of one of the all-time greats! This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone really, as Matisse has that amazing allure. Arts student will no doubt swoon at the opportunity, and so they should as Matisse was not only a genius but also an artistic trailblazer. A fantastic chance for young kids to be exposed to the original work of a bona fide artistic giant right here in the Pioneer Valley.

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