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Art Abandonment… the simple act of leaving little works of creativity for others to find; spreading art, joy and kindness. This month in “Let Them Grow: Fresh Ways to Engage Toddlers in Creative-Free Play,” Candice sparks us to engage in creative-free play with our toddlers by making simple art that makes ripples of community connection through creativity!

An 8 year old child in third grade finds that they have more homework, eating into time parent & child can spend together. In “What to Play? Play Ideas for Family & Community,” Carrie writes how to continue a strong bond with your child through creative free play. Read on to discover how the concept of “art bombing” can be a fun way to enhance and complete a collaborative creative journey… plus a bonus recipe to help you make your own art supply!

Play that is unscripted, better known as creative-free play, nurtures a child’s innate creativity and abilities to be resourceful and to problem solve. Childhood summer activities like making mud pies, building forts, making fairy houses and playing with friends in the backyard are wonderful learning opportunities that can lead to boundless discoveries!

This month we take a look back at Hilltown Families contributing writer Carrie St. John’s monthly column, “What to Play? Play Ideas for Family and Community,” highlighting her many wonderful idea on ways to support and encourage creative-free play with your children, any time of the year!

IN GOOD COMPANY ON KIDS CRAFT WEEKLY Over at Kids Craft Weekly Hilltown Families (that’s us!) is featured in their Holiday Favourites Issue. Editor Amber Caravan has selected our DIY: Christmas Spider Holiday Cards project which includes a video of Persephone (age 5) demonstrating how to draw a Christmas Spider – and we’re thrilled! And we’re in good company too. Other featured projects for this issue include Gwyn from My Kids Art’s… Read More

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