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Where art is located or performed may influence the way we think about it. Artwork preserved in a temperature-controlled gallery may affect viewers differently than art placed outdoors. Mobile Art Boxes mix elements of both gallery and outdoor artworks. These works of art are created in and around DIY Mobile Boxes, 8’x8’x16’ storage units. As such, they are partially enclosed, yet mobile. The Mobile Art Boxes at Florence Night Out 2016 will be placed all over downtown Florence, allowing for the chance of being stumbled upon by accident as well as sought out by attendees of the event. Each box will contain the work of a single artist, using experimental installation, video, sculpture, painting, dancing, graffiti and sound performance. On Friday, May 6, connect with Florence community members as you explore these unique works of art.

Community support is essential for the undertaking of installation art, and it’s fantastic to see this happening in Florence via the Florence Night Out and the Mobile Art Boxes. Now the most innovative of artists can use a DIY Mobile Box to contain a multimedia installation by a local artist. The obvious side benefits of this builds an art community stronger and connects to our community. Read on to find out about the many events happening to support this wonderful initiative!

A thought-provoking art installation at the Springfield Museums’ Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts is now open! Drawing from the well of magnificent western Massachusetts artists, this take on American domesticity comes from Berkshire resident, Ricky Bernstein. The subject matter is certainly an intrigue that invites discussion on pop art through stereotypically-American domestic scenes. However, since this is an installation that works outside the format of a formal exhibit, we are afforded an opportunity to watch how art works with its space. That is the tantalizing thing about installation art: it takes into account the surroundings it is being shown in. They are generally more labor intensive to exhibit and are a stimulating experience for the whole family to enjoy!

Read more and make plans to visit the many fine art museums we have here in western Massachusetts this summer with your family!

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