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A generation was raised with the notion that dealing with illness meant popping a pill. Thankfully, the tide has turned and we’re more critical in our assessment of how to support the wellness of ourselves and our children. Learning together in the kitchen about flowers and food that keep kids healthy and strong in the winter (and all months) can lead to some great discussions and possibly even unearth new interests. This month in “Let Them Grow: Fresh Ways to Engage Toddlers in Creative Free Play,” Candice suggest a couple of common folk remedies to share with children to get them engaged in the kitchen and with their own wellness.

Expressing emotion is a nuanced craft that requires a certain degree of focus. Kids are filled with emotions that can sometimes go on some pretty erratic roller coaster rides. This being a Thanksgiving time, Candice takes time to figure out ways for a child to reflect and express a clear emotion minus the jumping, hitting and pushing! Read this month’s edition of “Let The Grow” for some great tips.

You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Same goes for arts and crafts but then put a toddler at the controls and things can get extra messy! Kids enjoy getting messy to fire up some creative free play…so where can you find balance? Candice has her eye on the ball, sharing a plan to keep it structured in this month’s column, “”Let Them Grow: Fresh Ways to Engage Toddlers in Creative Free Play.”

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