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  Dear Sarah, What do you think is a good age at which to start giving children chores? Should chores be a requirement for getting an allowance? Signed, Uncertain in Belchertown Dear Uncertain, Ah, chores! This is a hot topic among many of the parents in my practice and one that I have struggled with myself, over the years. I am a big fan of chores for several reasons: Chores teach children… Read More

Question and Answer This week let’s talk about chores, allowances and how to teach kids about money management: First, let’s discuss chores… What chores are your kids expected to do around the house, and what is their age? How about allowances? For those families who choose to give allowances, what is a reasonable amount for what age? Should an allowance be tied into doing chores? How do you motive your kids to… Read More

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