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QUESTION AND ANSWERS Are your kids allergic to nuts? Maybe you can help Julie Rodrigues Tanguay out with a recommendation for a nut-free bakery. Julie writes, “I’m looking for recommendations for nut-free bakeries, or responsible practices to prevent cross-contamination. Birthday cakes are a must in our family, but I just don’t have time for baking, nor am I any good at it! Any suggestions will be appreciated. Will travel for cake: Hampden,… Read More

So Your Daughter Has Gluten Intolerance? “So your daughter has your gluten intolerance as well?” The nurse grimaced and her faced seemed to echo my sentiments exactly-grimace, grrr, darn-it-all and other choice words and phrases that I can’t share on this family site. A food allergy, speaking again from hindsight, is a pain in the you-know-what. Now, when we discovered certain lacy rashes that showed up on random places on Ila’s body,… Read More

Why Teachers Need To Know About Food Allergies The increase in the number and severity of food allergies among children means teachers must know how to deal with reactions. Over at EducationWorld.com, Joy Rotondi suggests ways teachers can prepare themselves to respond in the event of a food-allergy emergency.  Click here to read more. Additional resources: The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) offers allergy-sensitive recipes for the traditional holiday fare, including… Read More