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United States history is a story that intertwines many cultures and peoples. You cannot fully understand U.S. history or American culture without first understanding the impact which Native Americans and European colonists had on each other. The best way to gain insight into a culture is to fully immerse yourself, not only by listening but also by engaging in meals, rituals, musical performances, dances and more. You’re invited to do just that at this Native American Festival at Mount Greylock.

This month in “Open Sesame: Kid Lit Musings & Reviews,” Cheli shares five new kids’ books that bring history alive in honor of Black History Month. Courageous individuals, unsung heroes, and influential (but little-known) events, reach through pages of text, photos, art, and poetry, and connect young readers to the struggles and achievements of the civil rights movement… she also shares a special pick just for grown-ups too!

In honor of Black History Month I want to share an extraordinary book about an extraordinary human being: Carver, a life in poems (Front Street, 2001) is an intimate portrait of the botanist, inventor, scientist, artist, musician, and teacher, known as George Washington Carver. Written by acclaimed poet, Marilyn Nelson, the book takes us through Carver’s life in a series of narrative poems told from the voices of the people who knew… Read More

Spelling Bee to Cosmology.  Glass Blowing to Handmade Valentines. Ice Harvest to Hobby Railroad. African-American History Month to Groundhogs Day… These are just a few of the learning highlights we’re featuring this week.  Get out into your community and learn while you play! And be sure to check our list of supporting book titles to supplement the learning on the different topics highlighted each week. Purchase them for your family library, or… Read More

Heroes of African American History Come to Life on Radio & DVD Music is a terrific avenue for kids to discover African American heroes during Black History Month, with a couple of opportunities offered right here on Hilltown Families. ♦ The Hilltown Family Variety Show Black History Month Episode showcased leading musicians who comprise an African American heritage this month, introducing listeners to many great musicians, including Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald…. Read More

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