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Hilltown Families’ Preschool & Daycare Directory features trusted preschools, daycare, and early childhood programs across Western Massachusetts, including indoor/outdoor and virtual/in-person programs.

Daycare Programs

Amherst Montessori School

Amherst Montessori School
Daycare & Preschool ♦ Ages 3mo-12yrs

Amherst, MA ♦ Amherst Montessori School believes your child is inherently intelligent and that hands-on learning is critical to their developing brains. In mixed-age classrooms, your child is empowered to explore, discover, and learn through all five senses. In a beautiful new building designed uniquely for children, classrooms are filled with sunlight, natural materials, and views outside to playgrounds. Trained Montessori teachers nurture each child’s innate curiosity and independence. For more information: 413-253-3101; admissions@amherstmontessori.org; amherstmontessori.org.

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The Common School

Preschool ♦ Ages 3-12yrs

Amherst, MA ♦ Children only get one preschool experience. Experience The Common School. The Common School, serving children ages 3-12 years, has two preschool classrooms for children ages 3-5 years. These classrooms provide strong student/teacher ratios, a diverse and inclusive community, opportunities for experiential learning, a stellar social and emotional curriculum, environmental awareness, play based learning, significant time spent outdoors and many resources, such as an extensive library, music and movement class. Prospective families are invited to meet their teachers and tour their newly renovated facilities, including outdoor learning spaces for extended time outside. For more information: 413-256-8989; www.commonschool.org.

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The Maple Hill Play Garden

Daycare; Early Childhood Education Program ♦ Ages 15mo-3yrs

Amherst, MA ♦ The Maple Hill Play Garden offers a small, inclusive early childhood program focusing on equity and abundant time outdoors that nourishes the joy and wonder of a simple childhood. Amanda Lugo, M.A.Ed., provides a warm, nurturing environment where play is the heart of the child’s morning. Teachers work to hold space for children whom our society currently, historically, and systematically oppresses. Backing the Larch Hill Conservation lands, The Maple Hill Play Garden’s outdoor playscape provides children with ample opportunities for exploration into the magical nooks and crannies of the natural world. The program cultivates a gentle and consistent daily rhythm that helps to ground children in themselves and a sense of place. Hot, nourishing, organic meals and snacks are provided. For more information: NourishingChildhood@gmail.com; www.maplehillplaygarden.com.

Spring Street Preschool

Preschool ♦ Ages 2.9-5yrs

Amherst, MA ♦ Spring Street Preschool is an independent, progressive preschool located in downtown Amherst. Experienced and caring teachers provide opportunities for constructive play, literacy learning, friendship development, and creative arts. Spring Street Preschool has two outdoor play spaces, including a nature playground. They are enrolling children from 2 yrs 9 months – 5 years. Flexible schedule with hours from 8am-5:30pm and affordable tuition. Spring Street Preschool is a non-denominational preschool located behind the Congregational Church. For more information: springstreetpreschool@gmail.com; 413-256-8442; www.springstreetpreschool.com.

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Davenport Child Care Center

Daycare & Preschool ♦ Ages 1mo-5yrs

Chesterfield, MA ♦ The Davenport Child Care Center is dedicated to enhancing the self-esteem, social skills, and creativity of each child as an individual while meeting their physical and emotional needs in a safe environment. Their goal is to maintain a safe and healthy environment while allowing children to grow and explore at their own pace. The preschool program encourages a child’s natural curiosity while promoting a desire to learn for years to come. The program offers children lots of free play, use of learning centers, and small group activities that promote skills needed for learning. Through socialization and personal experience, children become members of the community and help one another grow and learn. For more information: trenscot@verizon.net; 413-296-4785; davenportchildcare.wordpress.com.

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Heron’s Nest: Farm and Forest Family Childcare

Daycare & Preschool ♦ Ages 3-6yrs

Deerfield, MA ♦ Heron’s Nest is a nature-based home program for ages 3-6. A home garden’s inviting context helps teach the arts of loving interdependence, devotion to meaningful work, and admiration of our natural world. Animal care, gentle gardening, music, stories, and handcrafting are integral pillars of this program. Days are a flexible combination of structure & free play; Heron’s Nest believes that a child-led curriculum fosters willful learning & genuine curiosity. They are home to a herd of goats, a flock of ducks, and expansive gardens for work & play. As farmers & artists, their teachers Heron & Josie work to create a bright space full of song, plants, creatures, and liberated play for children to share. Heron’s Nest is licensed by the MA EEC. For more information: heronsnest.care@gmail.com. 508-733-7384. www.heronsnest.care.

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Old Deerfield Nursery School

Preschool ♦ Ages 2.9-5yrs

Deerfield, MA ♦ At Old Deerfield Nursery School (ODNS), they believe kids thrive through play and connection. Their learning center thoughtfully provides a space enriched with joy, intentional teaching, and an appreciation for one another. Through a small class size, children form meaningful friendships and a sense of community with their classmates and teachers. For over 60 years, ODNS has been a valued community program in Historic Deerfield, where a rich history and a learning community surround children. ODNS invites you to schedule a visit to their charming preschool, and they look forward to welcoming new families into the ODNS family. For more information: olddeerfieldnurseryschool16@gmail.comolddeerfieldnurseryschool.com.

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Cloverdale Preschool

Preschool ♦ Ages 2.9-5yrs

Florence, MA ♦ Cloverdale Preschool is a parent cooperative program focusing on social-emotional development and problem-solving skills. Teachers are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment with sensory-based experiences that promote confidence through exploration. Cloverdale is a small, close-knit community with a low teacher-child ratio, offering high-quality early education to children ages 2.9-5. Half/full day schedules available for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days during the academic year. Four 2-week summer sessions available. Extended day hours offer unique STEAM activities. A large playground has a variety of gross motor equipment and plenty of space to run. DEEC licensed. For more information: cloverdale2@verizon.net; 413-586-1106; www.cloverdalepreschool.com.

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The Center School

Early Childhood Education Program & Preschool ♦ Ages 2-14yrs

Greenfield, MA ♦ The Center School serves children aged 2 through 8th grade, with three preschool classrooms. The Center School’s program for young learners offers specially-designed environments and experiences to foster a sense of wonder through play and adventures. With a combination of child-led and teacher-directed activity, students enjoy spending ample time outdoors, exploring materials, pretending, writing songs, cooking, building, and listening to stories. The Center School believes that a child’s play is their most important work and that through play, we can help children to develop social skills, self-regulation and a strong foundation for emerging academic and social capability. For more information: l.obregon@centerschool.net; 413-773-1700; www.centerschool.net.

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Y Academy on Main

Preschool ♦ Ages 2.9-5yrs

Greenfield, MA ♦ The Y Academy on Main offers a well-rounded educational, social, creative, and physical program for preschoolers. Your Y offers a full-day preschool with early and late care options to meet the needs of working families in your community. They strive to provide activities and snacks that encourage a whole health approach at a young age. Your child will participate in a wide range of activities, including swimming, gymnastics, pre-academic skills, arts & crafts, music & movement, cooking, dramatic play, and physical education. YMCA staff will help your child be prepared for kindergarten. Schedule a tour with them today! For more information: lporter@your-y.org; 413-773-3646; www.your-y.org.

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Giving Tree School

Preschool ♦ Ages 2.9-5

Gill, MA ♦ Celebrate the whole child! The Giving Tree preschool program is thoughtfully designed to support young children’s social-emotional growth, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. Students enjoy ample outdoor exploration and playtime each day in their rambling and rugged Outdoor Classroom. Only 15 minutes from downtown Greenfield, set among the woods and pastures of Gill. Giving Tree is committed to fostering active, hands-on early learning experiences that are playful and purposeful, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Licensed by EEC and accredited by NAEYC & HighScope. Sliding scale tuition. For more information: givingtreeschool.org, admin@givingtreeschool.org, or call 413-863-9218.

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Y Academy at the Bolger Center for Early Childhood Education

Daycare + Preschool ♦ Ages 3mo-5yrs

Gill, MA ♦ The Y Academy at the Bolger Center offers a well-rounded educational, social, creative, and physical program for infants through preschool. Your Y offers a full-day educational experience that meets the needs of working families in our community while offering early, late care, and snow day options. Educators strive to provide activities and snacks that encourage a whole health approach at a young age. Your child will participate in a wide range of activities that include pre-academic skills, arts & crafts, music & movement, outdoor & dramatic play, and physical education. YMCA staff will help prepare your child for all the necessary milestones through kindergarten. Schedule a tour with them today! For more information: ckennedy@your-y.org; 413-498-3393; www.your-y.org.

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The Hartsbrook School

Preschool ♦ Ages 2.9-6yrs

Hadley, MA ♦ Imagine a school that values and encourages the unique qualities of your child: The Hartsbrook School provides just that, with warmth and attentiveness. Beautiful outdoor classrooms, storytelling, music, and creative problem-solving all lay the foundations for future learning and deep social connection. Children’s imagination and empathy are awakened through the rich curriculum. Walking in the woods, visiting the school’s farm animals, and tending the gardens develop an awareness of, and care for, the natural world. Begin your exploration with a tour to learn more about their early childhood program.
For more information: admissions@hartsbrook.org; 413-586-1908 x116; www.hartsbrook.org.

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Zephyr Behavioral Healthcare

Preschool. Early Childhood Education Program. ♦ Ages 2-6yrs

Hatfield, MA ♦ Zephyr Behavioral Healthcare provides Center-Based ABA services to children with autism, ages 2-6. First and foremost, they want their clients to love learning. They challenge the stereotype of monotonous and repetitive behavior therapy by centering their services around play. They weave together data-driven results with a nurturing, fun-loving environment to create a balanced intervention. Their program simulates a preschool environment, with individualized and group instruction throughout the day. With 1:1 support and supervision, they identify the key skills that will prepare their clients to succeed in other environments later in life. They then break down these skills, teach smaller goals, build a strong foundation, and fill their clients’ toolboxes for the future. For more information: 413-247-6364; info@zephyrbehavioral.org; www.zephyrbehavioral.org

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The Montessori School of the Berkshires

Daycare & Preschool ♦ Ages 15mo-8th grade

Lenox Dale, MA ♦ Montessori School of the Berkshires (MSB) inspires children to develop independent thinking, self-assurance, inner discipline, and a love of learning in an authentic Montessori environment. Serving children aged 15 months through grade 8 on 40 wooded acres, MSB supports each child’s innate curiosity and helps them develop focus and motivation, and embraces collaboration and cooperation. Engaging materials, designed for hands-on learning through all senses, are continually adapted to meet each child’s needs, interests, and development, so they are best prepared for the next level of education. Open 7:30am-3pm; extended coverage until 5:15 pm.
For more information: info@berkshiremontessori.org; 413-637-3662; www.berkshiremontessori.org.

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Community Action’s Head Start & Early Learning Programs

Daycare. Preschool. Early Childhood Education Program. ♦ Ages 6wks-5yrs

Multiple Towns, MA ♦ Community Action’s Head Start & Early Learning Programs offer a variety of program options for expectant parents and families with children ages birth-5 throughout Hampshire, Franklin, & Western Hampden Counties. Community Action’s Head Start provides early education and care and quality comprehensive services to children in Head Start/Early Head Start programs, offering full-day and part-day center-based classrooms, family childcare, and home visiting. Centers are located in Orange, Turners Falls, Greenfield, Amherst, Northampton, Easthampton, Ware, Westfield, & Agawam. All services are provided at either low or no cost to eligible children and families. For more information: 413-387-1250; www.communityaction.us.

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Clarke’s Preschool / Early Childhood Program

Preschool. Early Childhood Education Program. ♦ Ages 3-8yrs

Northampton, MA ♦ Clarke’s customized preschool* and early childhood classes prepare children who are deaf or hard of hearing, ages 3-8, for success in mainstream schools. In their unique & stimulating Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) instruction environment in Northampton, all children benefit from Master’s-educated professionals trained in early childhood education, education of the deaf & hard of hearing, and speech-language pathology. Students attend 5 days per week, learning through guided exploration, authentic work & play, and experiential literature in a social context. (*Clarke’s high-quality preschool education is also available to children with typical hearing! Inquire for more details.) “One of the Valley’s best-kept secrets!” Licensed by DESE. For more information: 413-582-1144 (Voice/TTY);
mhartblay@clarkeschools.org; clarkeschools.org/northampton.

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Wild Garden of Childhood

Early Childhood Education Program ♦ Ages: Birth-2.9yrs

Northampton, MA ♦ Wild Garden of Childhood is enrolling infants and toddlers. Wild Garden of Childhood curates a beautiful early education experience for infants and toddlers up to preschool age. By surrounding your babies with love and laughter, outdoor time, and uninhibited play, their days at Wild Garden will be blissful. Wild Garden is happy to help you make the right choice for your child’s earliest education experience. Contact Wild Garden for a chat or enrollment information. Wild Garden of Childhood, LLC is fully licensed through the Massachusetts Department of Education and Care. For more information: 413-231-4454; wildgardenofchildhood.com; wildgardenofchildhood@gmail.com

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Valley Play School

Daycare. Preschool. ♦ Ages 8mo-6yrs

Shelburne Falls, MA ♦ Valley Play School is located in the heart of Shelburne Falls. It is a branch of the Girls Club of Greenfield and offers a variety of full and part time options for parents as well as a variety of subsidies. It operates year round, Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm, with breakfast and snack served daily. Two classrooms serve children 8 months to 6 years. VPS’s methods emphasize low teacher/student ratios and a healthy, enriching environment where children learn through their play and process has more importance than product. Children learn by doing in a supportive, nurturing environment that promotes pro-social behaviors. It provides diverse opportunities for quality interactions, connections and school readiness. For more information: ahawk@girlsclubofgreenfield.org; 413-625-2406; www.girlsclubofgreenfield.org.

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Tree of Life Forest School

Early Childhood Education Program ♦ Ages 4.5-8yrs

South Amherst, MA ♦ The Tree of Life Forest School offers hands-on, place-based, healing education for children ages 4.5-8. They are located on a small homestead with nearby trails on unceded Nipmuc and Pocumtuck land. Days are full of the wonder of nature, creative play, purposeful work, and artistic activity. Nature’s tranquility, beauty, and harmony allow children to fully experience life, themselves, and each other. Authentic sensory experience creates the foundation for learning. As children feel, listen, and move in nature, they build a living inner experience that will remain at their core. Nature is an inclusive place for all children to learn and grow. Rachel is a loving and insightful teacher with 15 years of Waldorf teaching experience. For more information: 413-658-4182; treeoflifeforestschool@gmail.comwww.treeoflifeforestschool.com

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Small World Preschool

Daycare & Preschool ♦ Ages 2.9-5yrs

South Deerfield, MA ♦ Small World Preschool and Child Care Center provides full-day, year-round care for children 2.9 years through age 5, primarily in Franklin and Hampshire counties. They are open 7:30am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Children are offered a supportive environment to express themselves creatively and expand their awareness of the world around them. Children develop decision-making abilities, self-sufficiency, independence, and problem-solving skills through praise, encouragement, support, and positive reinforcement. Small World was the first private preschool in the Union #38 school district to become nationally accredited. For more information: 413-665-4501; hollyp33@hotmail.com, lwinter5@yahoo.com; www.facebook.com/Small-World-Preschool-128932650583464

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Community Music School of Springfield’s Prelude Preschool of the Arts

Preschool. Early Childhood Education Program. ♦ Ages 2.9-5yrs

Springfield, MA ♦ Prelude Preschool of the Arts offers five-day arts-integrated learning and play for children ages 2.9-5 years. Full-day and half-day programming feature specialized classes taught by expert musicians and artists in early childhood music, dance, yoga, Suzuki violin, bucket drumming, and visual art. Flexible before and aftercare is available to meet your family’s scheduling needs, and arts-centered family nights facilitate connection and collaboration among students, families, and teachers. Prelude’s classrooms have been renovated and refreshed for optimal learning and fun, and they invite prospective families to take a tour! For more information: prelude@communitymusicschool.com; 413-750-9560; communitymusicschool.com/prelude.

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Hilltown Families is committed to the economic development of our region, and by offering this preschool & daycare directory, local schools and businesses can thrive and provide a much needed service to our local community. All descriptions have been submitted and all links are provided as a courtesy and not as an endorsement.

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