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Let's join the Hilltown Family Variety Show's beach-themed episode with Suzi Shelton, an award-winning artist and guest DJ for children's recordings. Enjoy songs about summer, the beach, nature, changing seasons, and friendship. Get inspired to move, participate, and discover your love for music and the beach. Tune in and create a soundtrack for your summer memories.

Tune in to a beach-themed Hilltown Family Variety Show episode with award-winning children’s recording artist and Guest DJ Suzi Shelton! Groove to songs about summertime fun, the beach, and spending time together. Suzi will explore themes of nature, the seasons, and friendship through music while encouraging movement and active participation. The diverse range of songs will expose kids to different musical styles and instruments, and the lyrics will ignite their imagination and storytelling skills. Tune in to add a soundtrack to your summer memories while discovering a love for music and the beach.

HFVS Beach Episode
with Guest DJ, Suzi Shelton
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Suzi Shelton “Beach Day” (Single)
The Microphone Doctors “Iced Latte (Keep ’em Caffeinated)” (Single)
Levity Beet “Watermelon” (Single)
Little Miss Ann “Summer in our Backyard” (Summer in our Backyard)
Ants on a Log “Dog of My Dreams” (Single)
Joanie Leeds “Sunglasses” (I’m A Rock Star)
Red Yarn “Jump for Joy!” (Backyard Bop)
Suzi Shelton “Blue Fin” (Hand in Hand)
123 Andrés “The Beach” feat. Jazzy Ash, Aaron Nigel Smith (Actívate)
Kira Willey “Surfer Mama” (Dance for the Sun)
Dana “Bring on Summer” (Single)
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats, Falu, FYÜTCH “Joy Spice Soul” (Single)
Suzi Shelton “Raindrop” (Hand in Hand)
Shawny” Ollie Ollie Octopus” (Single)
Laura Doherty “Domingo the Flamingo” (In a Heartbeat)
Okee Dokee Brothers “Let’s Throw a Party” (Songs for Singin’)
Sonia De Los Santos “Yo Volare (I’ll Fly Away)” (Single)
Stacey Peasley “Summer Day” (Lucky Day)

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