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June is LGBTQIA Pride month! Join Carrie Ferguson of The Grumpytime Club for a joyous celebration of queer history, gender diversity, and community.

June is LGBTQIA Pride month! Join Carrie Ferguson of The Grumpytime Club for a joyous celebration of queer history, gender diversity, and community. Featuring a mini Queer Pride dance party!

HFVS Pride Month Episode with Guest DJ, Carrie Ferguson

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  1. Queer Kid Stuff – “It’s Pride” [It’s Pride! – Single]
  2. Carrie Ferguson – “The Best Way to Be” [The Grumpytime Club]
  3. Alphabet Rockers – “We Royal” [The Love]
  4. Chana Rothman/Rainbow Train and Mighty FlipSide – “Dress Up and Dance” [Trans and
    Nonbinary Kids Mix]
  5. Vivek Shraya – “Weaknees” [Trans and Nonbinary Kids Mix]
  6. Jennifer Angelina Petro – “Gay B C’s” [Trans and Nonbinary Kids Mix]
  7. Two of a Kind – “Be Who You Are” [Trans and Nonbinary Kids Mix]
  8. Carrie Ferguson – “Girls Like Me” [Riding on the Back of the Wind]
  9. Alastair Moock – “Go Shine (Song for Elm) [feat. Heather Mae” [Be a Pain]
  10. Cyndi Lauper – “True Colors” [The Essential Cyndi Lauper]
  11. Carrie Ferguson – “She, He, They” [She, He, They – Single]
  12. Ants on a Log – “They’re My Best Friend” [Trans and Nonbinary Kids Mix]
  13. Chana Rothman – “Gender Blender ((feat. Hannah Shaw, Hadassah Weinmarten, Eliyashu
    ben Mosche & Ella Berson)” [Rainbow Train]
  14. Chana Rothman – “Everybody Gets to Choose Their Own Name (featuring Mya Byrne)”
    [Rainbow Train]
  15. The Emotions – “Best of My Love” [Best of My Love: The Best of the Emotions]
  16. Sister Sledge – “We Are Family” [The Best of Sister Sledge]
  17. Lady Gaga – “Born This Way” [Born This Way (Special Edition)]
  18. Diana Ross – “I’m Coming Out’ [Diana Ross and The Supremes]

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