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Join The Dream Jam Band for a musical journey through history on the Hilltown Family Variety Show! Learn about music & language arts while tapping your toes to their tunes. Historical hits like "Johnny B. Goode" & "Rock Around the Clock" will be featured. Grab your kids for a non-commercial jam session!

Join Guest DJs The Dream Jam Band as they travel through the ages of musical history with the Hilltown Family Variety Show! This episode is a great non-commercial show to listen to with the kids and an excellent opportunity to learn about music history and language arts. Tune in to hear The Dream Jam Band’s amazing tunes that will get your toes tapping and your head bopping! Along with their tunes, you’ll also learn about the historical significance of some of the musicians and songs on their playlist, such as Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” and “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and His Comets. So, grab your kids and get ready to jam out while expanding your music history and language arts knowledge with the Hilltown Family Variety Show!

HFVS Silly Words Can Make Serious Music Episode
with Guest DJs, The Dream Jam Band
Listen Now


  • The Dream Jam Band- “Leave it in the Soup” [Leave it in the Soup]
  • Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five- “Heebie Jeebies” [The Essential Louis Armstrong]
  • Ella Fitzgerald- “Oh Lady Be Good” [The Scat of Jazz]
  • The Coasters- “Yakety Yak” [Hi Five The Coasters]
  • Johnny Cymbal- “Mr. Bassman” [Mr. Bassman]
  • Shirley Ellis- “The Name Game” [Rock ‘N’ Roll Pop and Soul Sisters]
  • The Beatles- “Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da” [The White Album]
  • The Dream Jam Band- “Nicky Nicky Knock Knock” [The Dream Jam Band]
  • Bobby Darin- “Splish Splash” [Bobby Darin]
  • The Dream Jam Band- “Friends of the Sea” [Leave it in the Soup]
  • John Odrasik- “The Hoppity Song” [For the Kids]
  • Father Goose (feat Dan Zanes)- “Jig Jog Gee” [Putumayo Kids World Sing-Along]
  • Lisa Loeb- “Jenny Jenkins” [Jenny Jenkins]
  • Roseanne Cash [feat Dan Zanes]- “Fooba Wooba John” [Family Dance]
  • Shirley Temple- “Polly Wally Doodle” [The Littlest Rebel]
  • Laurie Berkner- “Boody Boody Ya Ya Ya” [Under the Shady Tree]
  • Tom Chapin- “What is a didjeridoo?” [Around the World and Back Again]
  • Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band- “Thingamajig”  [Lishy Lou and Lucky Too]
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers- “King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O” [Can You Canoe?]
  • The Dream Jam Band- “Boing” [Leave it in the Soup]

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