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Explore insects with guest DJs Jeff and Paige! Through music and tale, you'll learn how to recognize insects, how they benefit humans, how they fit into the animal kingdom, and how we can all help them! Jeff and Paige are eager to perform their favorite children's and adult artists' songs. You'll have room to dance and explore nature and science with Jeff and Paige!

Join guest DJs Jeff and Paige on a fun musical hike to discover the fascinating world of insects! By engaging with music and story, you’ll gain knowledge on how to identify insects, how insects play a role in the animal kingdom, how insects benefit humans, and how we can all work together to support these important creatures! Jeff and Paige are excited to share their favorite songs and fun tunes from other children’s musicians, as well as some adult acts. You’ll have plenty of space to dance and enjoy exploring nature and science with Jeff and Paige!

HFVS Insect Episode
with Guest DJs, Jeff & Paige
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  • Jeff and Paige – “A Conversation Between an Entomologist and an Insect” [Get Outdoors]
  • Ayla Nereo – “Eastern Sun” [Hollow Bone]
  • They Might Be Giants – “Why Does the Sun Shine?” [Here Comes Science]
  • The Smurfs – “Poor Little Silly Shy Smurf” [The Smurfs All Star Show]
  • Banana Slug String Band -“Decomposition” [Singing in our Garden]
  • Jeff and Paige – “New Tree Grows” [21st Century Energy Superheroes]
  • Justin Roberts – “Pop Fly” [Pop Fly]
  • The Bell Hours – “Farther Apart [The Bell Hours]
  • Sarah Jarosz – “Little Song” [Song Up In Her Head]
  • Jeff and Paige – “Bats” [Get Outdoors]
  • Mikey Mike -“Likin’ the Lichen” [Mikey Mike the Rad Scientist]
  • Jeff and Paige – “Thank You Honeybee” [Songs from the Trail]
  • Blitzen Trapper – “Fur” [Fur] 4:08
  • Jeff and Paige “The Great Monarch Migration” [Mighty Wolf]

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