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Little Miss Ann, a Chicago-based children's musician, spins tunes with "Good Vibes" to inspire families to spread "Good Vibes" to all!

Little Miss Ann, a Chicago-based children’s musician with 6 albums for kids, spins tunes with “Good Vibes” to inspire families to spread “Good Vibes” to all!

HFVS Good Vibes Episode
with Guest DJ, Little Miss Ann
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1.Saul Paul – “Just Call” [Okay to Be Different]

2. Claudia Robin Gunn – “Everyday is a Dance” [Sing Through The Year – A Little Wild Childhood]

3. 123 Andres feat Red Yarn, Rissi Palmer, Alex Arellano, Pepito Alonzo – “I Just Can’t Sit Down” [Activate]

4. Little Miss Ann feat. Uncle Jumbo – “So Many Ways” [Welcome Spring]

5. Lucy Kalantari feat. Falu and Fyutch “Joy Spice Soul” [Single]

6. Aaron Nigel Smith ,Red Yarn – “Brothers and Sisters” [Smith & Yarn]

7. Little Miss Ann – “Parts are Greater than the Whole” [Welcome Spring]

8. Suzi Shelton – “Magnolia Tree” [Single]

9. Michael Napolitano feat. Little Miss Ann – “Joy Up” [Single]

10. Alphabet Rockers feat. Mista Cookie Jar – “The Word is Love” [Single]

11. Mista Cookie Jar feat. Twinkle Time – “Rain or Shine” [Single]

12. Little Miss Ann feat. Suzi Shelton – “Welcome Spring” [Welcome Spring]

13. Jazzy Ash – “The Shimmies” [Single]

13. Kelli Welli – “Rainbow Love Song” [Robots Don’t Tell Jokes]

14. Pierce Freelon – “Daddy Daughter Day” [D.A.D.]

15. Mil’s Trills feat. Uncle Jumbo – “Disco Rain” [Let it Out!]16. Little Miss Ann – “Koo Roo Koo Roo Koo Koo” [Welcome Spring]

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