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Celebrate the holidays with Mister G on this week’s HFVS. Broadcasting from his recording studio deep in the woods of Western MA, the Latin GRAMMY Award winner and previous contributing writer for Hilltown Families serves up a multicultural musical feast featuring holiday classics by Ray Charles, B.B. King, Johnny Cash along with tracks by fellow children’s musicians. It’s a fiesta for the ears!

HFVS Guest DJ, Peter Alsop, selects songs that support building community while talking with kids and families about widening our circle of care. He touches upon speaking up when we see injustices and learning the craft of making safe places so we can work together to transform the world into a better place for all of us.

HFVS Songs to Uplift Kids in Challenging Times Episode
with Guest DJ, Peter Alsop
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  • Charlotte Diamond – “I Am A Pizza” [Ten Carrot Diamond]
  • Peter Alsop – “I Brought A Gorilla Home”[Camping With Dads]
  • Peter Alsop – “You Need A Good Listenin’ To”[Camping With Dads]
  • Randy and Dave – “Cranky Children”[Giggle and Burp Ballet]
  • Stephen Michael Schwartz – “Toby (The Worst Dog)”[Songs From The Sandbox]
  • Kari Thomas Kovick – “My Body” [It’s You I Like]
  • Cheech Marin – “Courage” [My Name Is Cheech The School Bus Driver]
  • Bill Harley – “If It Doesn’t Have Me” [In The Hospital]
  • Stuart Stotts – “Different Choice” [Camping With Dads]
  • Ruth Pelham – “I Cried” [Under One Sky]
  • Steve Denyes – “I Wear Pink” [I Chew]
  • Peter Alsop – “Spit Ball” [Camping With Dads]
  • Peter Alsop – “Skin Color” [Camping With Dads]
  • Joanie Leeds – “If Girls Ruled The World”[All The Ladies]
  • Alastair Moock – “Be A Pain” [Be a Pain: An Album for Young (and Old) Leaders]

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