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HFVS Sharing Recipes Episode
with Guest DJ, Andrew Hunt of Cowboy Andy

Andrew Hunt, the lead singer and songwriter for the family-friendly band Cowboy Andy and The Salamanders, lives on a lavender farm in the mountains of Western Montana. In this week’s episode of the Hilltown Family Variety Show, join Cowboy Andy as he embarks on a spirited “How To” Cooking Show complete with mediocre recipes, a few kitchen disasters, and lots of great songs for the whole family!


  • Tim Kubart –”Dancing in the Kitchen [Home]
  • Recess Monkey -“Time to Make the Donuts” [Novelties]
  • Cowboy Andy and The Salamanders -“Big Old Bowl of Eggs” [Put Your Arms in the Air!]
  • Seanster and the Monsters -“Omnivore” [Yay!]
  • Sugar Free Allstars –”Banana Pudding” [Dos Ninos]
  • Marsha Goodman-Wood -“Spinach and Carrots” [Gravity Vacation]
  • Cowboy Andy and The Salamanders –”Mommas In the Kitchen” [The Salamanders]
  • Laura Doherty -“Pasta Noodles” [High Five!]
  • Kelli Welli -“Cooking up Some Happiness” [Cooking up Some Happiness]
  • Little Ripples -“In the Kitchen” [Rise and Fall]
  • Tom Chapin -“Cookin’ In the Kitchen” -[Making Good Noise]
  • Shel Silversteen –”With His Mouth Full Of Food” [Where the Sidewalk Ends]
  • Booker T. and the M.G.’s –”Green Onions” [Green Onions]
  • Cowboy Andy and The Salamanders –”Bananas Have No Bones” [Bananas Have No Bones”]
  • Dana -“Peanut Butter Jambalaya” [Dana’s Best Sing & Play-A-Long Tunes!]
  • Various Artists –Original London Cast “Food, Glorious Food” [Oliver! –Original London Cast]
  • Richard Thompson –”Fast Food Restaurant” [Mirror Blue]


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