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Al fresco dining during the summer months unites our sense of taste and smell with the sights and sounds of nature under the warmth of the sun. Picnics are a traditional way for families to enjoy a meal together outdoors while allowing children to “get up from the table” and play. While kids run around chasing butterflies and skipping stones, adults can relax on picnic blankets with wicker baskets filled with sandwiches, chips, salads, and lemonade. But these aren’t the only ingredients you might find in a picnic basket. In this video, “Picnics Around the World,” get inspired by picnic foods from the Middle East, France, Japan, and England for your next family picnic.


In your picnic basket, the chances are pretty high that sandwiches have been packed. “Today, it is estimated that 50% of Americans eat at least one sandwich every day. And while it’s all but impossible to imagine a world without them, sandwiches have only been around since 1762.” Learn more about “How the sandwich was invented,” in this TED-Ed video with Jessica Oreck


Different sandwiches have been popular during different eras of time. In this video, “Kids Try 100 Years of Sandwiches from 1900 to 2000,” discover a few different types and see what kids had to say. This video is a fun way to learn about culinary arts, history, and cultural heritage via food!

FOOD HISTORY: Potato Chips

What better to pair your picnic sandwiches with than potato chips! An American classic snack food, they are even delicious tucked inside of some sandwiches. But where did they come from? Saratoga Springs, NY, to be exact. Great Big Story features the history in this video, “The Accidental Invention of the Best Snack Food Ever.


It just wouldn’t be a picnic without the ants! Before heading out for your family picnic, learn “What’s Inside An Anthill?” and get curious with your kids!

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